Advertising Rates*

Advert Sizes
WxH in mm

1 Issue 3 Issues Regular Advertiser
(Advert auto renews, Minimum commitment 6 issues, paid by DD)
Eighth page
Full Colour
N/A £27.50 per issue £24 per issue
Quarter page
Full Colour
£50 £45 per issue £39 per issue
Half page
Full Colour
£79 £70.50 per issue £63 per issue

Full page
Full Colour

£136 £120 per issue £105 per issue
Front Cover Box
Full Colour
£60 £50 per issue Front cover boxes should link to an advert within the magazine
Double Page Spread £240 £220 per issue £200 per issue
Website Advert £60 per year or £5 per month    


I want to advertise! What do I need to do now?

Call to pre-book your space as soon as possible as advertising space may be fully booked in advance of deadline. Phone us on 01530 417739 or email We can save your space and let you know when we will need your artwork by.

If you need any help designing an advert we offer a graphic design service at a cost of £10 plus VAT. Just let us know what you would like the advert to say and send us any specific images or logos required. Don't worry, we're here to help!

If you have your own artwork, please send us your advert to us as a PDF, JPEG or TIFF. Images should be at hi res (300dpi or more). If you have your advert in another format or aren't sure about anything please just call for advise.

We will send you a confirmation of the booking and will normally invoice you after artwork is received and approved.

*All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.