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When 13th October, 7.30pm

Where: Packington Memorial Hall, Packington

Cost: Free

Event Type: Films, Concerts & Shows

Visit: http://www.wendyfreer.org.uk/

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Thomas Pestell, a 17th Century Vicar of Packington

The true story of Thomas Pestell, set in Packington during the English Civil Wars.

This historical drama film, made by local heritage group Pudding Bag Productions and featuring local school children and residents of Packington will be shown along with two more or our historical drama films made this year:
- A Step on the Ladder, a story centred around the December 1918 General Election, the first in which women over 30 could vote.
- The Ferrers Murder. The 4th Earl Ferrers of Staunton Harold Hall shot and killed his steward, John Johnson, in 1760.

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