Local Walks

Average Time: 30minutes

Type of Walking: Grassy paths

Refreshments Available: No

Starting Point: Billa Barra Lane, Stanton Under Bardon, LE67 9PD

Published date: 24th January 2018

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Charnwood Noon Column

This short walk takes about 30 minutes.  It starts at the small car park off Billa Barra Lane reached by turning off the A511 towards Stanton Under Bardon (just after Redgate Animal Sanctuary and then first left into Billa Barra Lane.  The postcode for Sat Nav users is LE67 9PD.

Take the obvious path on the left of the car park which leads past a signboard, down a short path, and out to the open hillside where you will see the Noon Column.  Walk past the column and up the hill heading towards a bench on the hillside.  As you near the bench bear left and follow the grassy path up to a wooden kissing gate leading into the copse of trees.  You need to turn immediately left after this gate, but before you do so you may like to spend a few minutes exploring the hilltop.

Follow a very narrow path that runs downhill beside quite a steep dip.  Pass by a small wooden gate on your left keeping straight on to reach a second gate.   Go through this gate into an area of grassland - you will see a green metal gate on your left.  Turn right and follow the path across the grass as it bears left to reach a gateway leading out onto the lane.  Don’t go through this gateway - instead turn right, walk for a few yards, then go through a wooden kissing gate on your left that leads into young woodland.

A wide ride takes you through the woodland, slowly arcing round to the right (you will soon hear/see the A511 off to your left).  When you see a wooden gate on your right bear left so that you stay within the woodland (don’t go through the gate) - this narrower path will take you around to a second gate.  Go through the gate and turn left to cross a wooden bridge.  After crossing the bridge turn right to head back up the hillside on a grassy path, gradually bearing left, to reach another wooden kissing gate on the brow of the hill.  Go through this (you can now see the noon column below you) and turn left to go through another gate leading onto a wide grassy ride.  Follow this ride back downhill.  After a straight section it bends around to the right and then ends at a stile after which emerges behind the grassy bank at the far right hand end of the car park.