Local Walks

Average Time: 90mins

Type of Walking: Country Park, good paths

Refreshments Available: Coffee/Ice Cream vans in Lower Car Park at certain times of year

Starting Point: Upper Car Park, Beacon Hill Country Park, Woodhouse Eaves, LE12 8SP

Published date: 28th September 2017

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Exploring Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill Country Park is close to Woodhouse Eaves, just outside Loughborough. Our walk starts from the Upper Car Park which is accessed from Beacon Road.  For Sat Nav users, the postcode is LE12  8SP.

 Leave the car park via the wide hard path that curves up the hillside taking you to the right of the beacon.  You will soon arrive at a wooden barrier with a carving of a shepherd beside it.  Turn left here and then follow the path through a small metal gate onto the hillside.  Leaving the gravel path bear right up the grass to visit the trig point at the summit of the hill and enjoy the far reaching views.  Bear left to rejoin the gravel path and then stay on this path as it takes you around the hillside.  You will pass a sign telling you about the geology of the area and then, as you drop back downhill, a wonderful carving of a face.  After a while a second small metal gate will take you off the hillside and into a flatter, more wooded area. 

Keep straight ahead, ignoring two paths off to your left leading to the Natural Play Area.  On your right you will pass by Gerry’s Hut, the working area of the parks Artist in Residence, Peter Leadbeater.  Soon the Lower Car Park is visible ahead of you.   Before reaching the car park there is an impressively large sculpture of an axe man - turn right by this sculpture, following a green arrow for the labyrinth onto a grassy path uphill.  At the top of this path turn left, again following a labyrinth arrow.  Stay on this gravel path for a short distance and then, just before reaching the end of the path, turn right to access the labyrinth. 

A spooky looking path along a boardwalk takes you into the labyrinth - keep left where the path splits.  Carry on around the labyrinth until you see a small wooden gate through the bushes on your left.  Turn left, go through the gate and, leaving the labyrinth behind you, turn right along the gravel path.  This path will curves around the opposite side of the hill.  Stay on it until you go through a wide gateway in a dry stone wall where the path enters a more wooded area.  Immediately after this gateway turn right onto a narrow track that leads up a slope with the dry stone wall on your right  At the top of the slope you reach the same labyrinth signpost that you passed earlier, but from the opposite direction this time.  Turn left (away from the labyrinth) along the hardcore path. 

You will now follow this path for quite some way.  Remain on it, ignoring a couple of paths off to the left, which lead back towards the road, and also a path off to the right just before the open hillside.  Once the open hillside is on your right keep a look out for when the path starts to curve around the right and climb more steeply.  At around this point you will see a small, but well defined, path leading through the trees on your left.  Follow this path, with its clearly marked wooden edges, and after a short distance you will emerge back into the Upper Car Park.