Local Walks

Average Time: 60mins

Type of Walking: Grassy tracks and woodland paths, can be muddy after wet weather

Refreshments Available: No

Starting Point: The nearest postcode is DE12 8BG

Published date: 1st May 2018

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Mease and Sence Noon Column

The walk starts from the car park for Grangewood Farm Forestry which is on the road that leads from Overseal to Coton in the Elms.  To find the car park you need to pass by Grangewood Farm on your right, heading towards Coton on the Elms.  The car park for walkers is situated a little further along this road on your right hand side, it is marked by a green signboard.   

There are two exits from the car park into the woodland, you need to use the one which is closest to the car park entrance.  Immediately you leave the car park the path splits - take the right hand path and then quickly fork right onto a path of wood chip laid between logs which leads to a small fishing pond.  Walk around the left of the pond and then follow the wide grass ride ahead keeping the open area on your left and horse jump off to your right. 

Stay on this path as it bears left to go between two more horse jumps and arrives at a yellow footpath marker post.  Follow the arrow down a tree lined path.  Ignore paths leading off to either side and keep straight on, passing by two more yellow marker posts.  After the third post you enter mature broadleaved woodland where the path meanders through the trees to arrive at a sign for Top Wood.

Go through the gap by the sign to a post marking the routes of two public footpaths - ignore the one bearing off to the right and follow the one which goes straight ahead.  At the crossroads of paths (reached before the wooden gate) turn left onto the National Forest Way. 

After a short distance you go through a gate leading onto a drive to pass by Woodridge Barn.  As the drive starts to bear right look to your left where you will see a stile leading off the drive and onto a path crossing the end of the paddocks.  Follow this path over 4 stiles to reach a 5th stile which is situated on your left hand side.  Turn left, crossing the stile, and then follow the path straight ahead of you.  When you pass by the back of the wooden sign which indicates you are leaving Top Wood, you need to kink to the left before continuing ahead so you are walking alongside mature trees on your left.

Keep an eye out for a gap on your left (beside a large oak tree) - again you need to kink left, going through the gap, and then continuing parallel to the path you were on but now with the hedgerow on your right.  As you walk keep an eye out through the trees on your left and you will soon see an open area and, near the bottom of it, the noon column.  You can access this area via a short track through the trees just past the column.

After visiting the column return to the path you were on and keep straight ahead, crossing over a wide grass ride.  The path will lead down to a T junction where it meets the hedgerow alongside the road.  Turn left here to return to the far end of the car park.