Local Walks

Average Time: 45 Mins

Type of Walking: Farm track and hard paths, short section of driveway

Refreshments Available: Tea Rooms at Ferrers Centre, Staunton Harold or Staunton Harold Garden Centre

Starting Point: Visitors car park in the Staunton Harold estate. Sat nav users should use the postcode LE65 1RT.

Published date: 21st March 2018

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Melbourne Parklands Noon Column

After parking leave the visitors car park by the main entrance and turn left onto the one way section of the estate driveway.  Follow the road down, passing by the grounds and buildings of Staunton Harold Hall on your your left until you reach the point where the driveway bends sharply to the left.  Here you will see the entrance to a farm track immediately ahead of you.  Go through the wooden gate with the footpath marker beside it and walk straight ahead, passing fields and woodland, until the track forks. 

Take the right hand fork and very soon after this turn onto a path leading off to the right.  Follow this path up, passing by Dog Kennel Barn, until you come to a gateway on your right that gives access to a hard path through the young woodland.

Pass through the gate and follow the path down past Emily Jane’s Wood.  Keep straight ahead on this path for quite some time (ignore a fork that comes in from the left). The path leads slowly downhill past young trees and grassy areas.  You will pass by a sign for the Walnut Research Area 2, cross over a small stream and then go over a wooden bridge.  After crossing the bridge look out for a green sign for Mixed Maple Woodland on your left - when you reach this sign turn right onto the grass.

Walk up the grass for a short way and you will arrive at the noon column.  If the weather has been wet I’d advise retracing your steps after you’ve seen the noon column and following the hard path down to the gateway at its end.  In dry weather you can walk just past the noon column and then turn left onto a narrow grass path that goes over a ditch and across the grass to reach the same point.

Go through the gate and across the end of a field (which may have sheep grazing in it) to the gate leading back onto the driveway opposite the car park.