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Published date: 20th December 2017

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New Year Challenge!

Charity Walks

Taking on the challenge of a charity walk is a wonderful way to get yourself motivated and your legs moving!  Last September the Ashby Life team completed the Leicestershire 3 Peaks Challenge raising over £900 for Charity Link.  We had a brilliant day and finished the walk tired but happy and I’m sure we’d all agree that after all the training and the walk itself our fitness levels were much higher than earlier in the year.  Find out about this year's 3 Peaks Challenge online at charity-link.org (click on Get Involved).   If you just can’t wait until September to complete your challenge (or fancy something a little shorter) then how about the Woodhouse May Day Challenge?  Taking place on Monday 7th May the entrance fee for this 13 mile walk includes refreshments en route and a hot lunch - the money raised supports local charities.  Find out more at www.woodhouse-may-day-challenge.co.uk.  Top tip for those undertaking a challenge walk is to plan training well in advance.  Vanessa and I did a weekly walk together starting about 10 weeks before the event and gradually increasing the distance every week.

Long Distance Walks

Perhaps you are already a regular walker and just want a new challenge for 2018 - how about completing one of our long (or medium) distance routes?  The National Forest Way is a 75 mile route that starts at Beacon Hill in the Charnwood Forest and finishes by the National Memorial Arboretum near Alrewas.  It breaks down neatly into 12 sections so you could complete one each month.  Instructions for each section are available to download from www.nationalforestway.co.uk.  A shorter challenge is the Ivanhoe Way - a 35 mile loop that passes through Ashby, Coalville, Measham and Moira. 

Start Small, Keep Motivated

Maybe you’re not that much of a walker and don’t really know how to start?  Set yourself some small achievable goals and gradually increase but make sure you are having fun too!  How about buying a walks book (the Tourist Info in Ashby have a good selection) and exploring one walk from it each month - you can start with the shortest and work your way up to the longest.  Or you could join up with friends or family to do the walk from this magazine each month.  If you are a bit unsure then consider joining a walking group.  Groups are a good way to make new friends and explore new places and most offer walks of varying distances - check www.ramblers.org.uk for details of local groups.

Happy walking in 2018.